Michael Schytt Poulsen turns 60

Michael Schytt Poulsen, partner in Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, turns 60 on Thursday 12 May. He has contributed to buildings such as DR Byen, Kontroltårnet at Copenhagen Airport and Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland, as well as the upcoming project Østerbrogade 190, which is among Denmark's first taller residential buildings in wood.

Michael Schytt Poulsen graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture in 1996, where he worked at the studios of both Theo Bjerg and Boje Lundgaard. Prior to that, he had taught for 10 years in visual arts and theater. As a graduate, he joined Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and has been part of the partner group since 2008.

In his career as an architect, he has designed everything from sports towns and hotels to day care institutions and nursing homes. The hallmark of his approach to architecture is that man and the human scale should always be the starting point and that good architecture should be for everyone.

says Michael Schytt Poulsen says; “When we design, it is our duty as architects to start with the users and the situation. There is no manual for how to draw a well-functioning day care institution. It is the dialogue with the educators that is crucial for the finished house to support their daily lives”.

Throughout his career, he has distinguished himself in the field of housing construction and the development of new sustainable forms of housing. In the early millennial years, he was the architect behind the Energi-0 homes, which are self-sufficient townhouses at affordable prices. In recent years, he has engaged in energy-friendly wood construction. This is particularly true through the work with Denmark's largest investment to date in general wooden housing construction, which includes up to 400 homes.

In addition to his work at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Michael Schytt Poulsen has also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture, where he is also a censor.

He lives privately in Humlebæk with his wife Rahma.

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