Chr. Hansen Innovation Campus

  • Client

    PensionDanmark and Chr Hansen Holding A/S

  • Collaborators

    COWI A/S and 1:1 Landskab

  • Status

    Under construction

Chr. Hansen Domicile and Innovation Campus

Close interaction with nature, generous daylight and an intuitive functionality are central elements of Chr. Hansen’s new 15,000 m2 Innovation Campus with PensionDanmark as an investor.

The proposal extends the existing Hørsholm headquarters and will accommodate up to 250 new researchers. The new campus include a new main building, laboratories, meeting center and application center creating a future-proof center for innovation, knowledge sharing and customer support.

Today, the headquarters are solitary buildings scattered on the grounds. This project will merge the existing ones into a cohesive campus with an optimized flow. It will be an inspiring and vibrant place to work.


It is crucial that the company’s identity, sustainable products and location is reflected in the new architecture. The focus has consistently been to create harmony between the existing buildings and the unique location.

The new campus will be energy-optimized and with durable, long-life materials. With reference to Chr Hansen’s products, the new headquarters create a presence for nature and make smooth transitions between the outside and the inside.

Wood will be an key material throughout both construction and cladding and in addition there are a number of bright atrium farms and forests where fire stacks, rainwater harvesting and insect hotels should create good conditions for biodiversity.


In 2019, Chr Hansen named the world’s most sustainable company. The new campus will secure the company’s research and development facilities and ensure a continued strong global position in the areas of food, dietary supplements and agriculture.

The project is expected to break ground in 2020 and will be complete by the end of 2022.

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