Why we need Nature in our cities

“We cannot solve the biodiversity crisis in the cities, but we can release the biodiversity potential by changing people’s relationship with nature” - Martin Hjerl, head of Landscape architecture and Urban Planning at STED and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

Join us on an architectural journey into the world urban nature and its profound significance . Meet landscape architects from @stedcph, Martin Hjerl and Rosa Lund and biologist/founder of the wild flower nursery @lillevildegartneri, Elisabeth Wulffeld. 

Together, they will delve into the intricate connections between spaces, plants, and insects, shaping a brighter future for urban biodiversity.

Discover the reasons why our cities need more green spaces and how we can enhance their design to be greener and better. As we deepen our understanding of space interactions, we gain the ability to create green spaces that truly benefit our communities and wildlife.

The event is the second of three events on the occasion of Copenhagen being the Capital of Architecture 2023.

When and where
June 22nd, 5-7 pm.
Doors open at 4.30pm.

Hotel Sankt Petri
Krystalgade 22, 1172 Copenhagen

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