Architectural representation Models

Why we work with models

The model is a corner stone in our architectonic practice. It is important for us to work in an analogue medium with our hands and minds. In this way we allow ourselves to play and interact with architecture to solve and study complex questions of context, programs, proportions, and rythm.

The Nordø Model

The Nordø model is the biggest and most ambitious model we have ever produced. It took us about a year to make and was the result of a collaborative process between 25 architects, carpenters, light designers, and AR programmers. It is designed for disassembly with 550 3D printed facade elements. 

The model was the center piece in our 100 year anniversary exhibition 'Our Architecture' in Danish Architecture Center in 2022.

This is how we did - watch our team reflect on the process

Nordø Model - Architizer Vision Awards

Our Nordø model received an Architizer Vision Awards - Special Mention in 2023.

The KB32 Model

The KB32 model is a representation of the longest facade we have ever designed. KB32 is our transformation in Central Copenhagen of the DSB’s old freight train hotel from the 1960s.

We transformed the buidling into a six-storey open office domicile, the 180-meter-long building with the nickname KB32 is now characterised by multifunctional decor, daylight and quality materials such as oak, hot-rolled steel and 55-year-old, exposed concrete.

Exhibition in Danish Architecture Center 'Our Architecture'

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