Østerbrogade 190 Model

  • Client


  • Collaborators

    CREE Denmark, MOE A/S

  • Location

    Østerbrogade 190, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

  • Area

    861 m2

  • Status

    Expected completion in 2023

A modern townhouse in a hybrid wood construction

One of Denmark's first six-storey townhouses with wood as a supporting structure is underway built on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen. The house will be home to 20 students and a new urban space will be created on the ground floor and around the house.

The construction of the tall building will be faster, cheaper and with a smaller CO2 footprint than with a similar building built in concrete. The supporting structure is made in a new modular system from Austrian CREE, called Life Cycle Tower. The modular system is based on prefabricated hybrid elements that combine wood and concrete. The building system allows you to build up to 30 floors.

The building reflects a modern town house. It is simple and calm and easy to read with its tactful and retracted windows. Inside, the wooden constructions and large window sections add a warm, exclusive and open look.

The ground floor will have space for a café and gathering places. An open park-like garden is built around the house, protected by a noise wall facing Østerbrogade. It must transform the current unused site into an urban pocket that invites both the building's residents and the rest of the local area to stay.

The other five floors will be furnished with 20 student apartments, where 14 are one-room apartments and six are apartments with two rooms. The floor plan for each home is designed to free up as much space as possible for living. The bathroom core is located by the entrance, and the kitchen is in open connection with the living room. All the apartments are cross-lit with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing connected spaces and a dedicated look at life in the city.

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