Exhibition: Our Architecture - Danish Architecture Center

  • Collaborators

    Khora VR, 360 Company, Vega, CPH Lufthavn

  • Location

    DAC - Danish Architecture Center, Bryghusgade 10, DK-1473 Copenhagen

  • Status

    November 18th 2022 - April 9th 2023

  • Type


Our Architecture

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects has been creating architecture that functions well for people and diverse life situations for the past 100 years. Experience how architecture is an integral part of your life and makes a difference.


Have you ever thought about how, as soon as your feet hit the wooden floor in Copenhagen Airport after a long journey, you feel at home again? Or thought about how the carefully considered design of VEGA positively influences your concert experience? Or how nature has a positive effect on you when you’re sick, and that sensory learning environments help you remember better because you remember with your whole body?


Architecture is crucial to whether the world opens up for you or shuts you down. Join Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects on a journey through our life and our architecture, where function, art and design are center stage.  For 100 years, this quiet giant of Danish architecture has shaped our lives in Denmark and made our everyday life easier, more beautiful and more magical, the vision being that good architecture must be applied art for everyone – never a privilege for the few.


Step behind the scenes of some of Denmark’s most iconic buildings, such as VEGA, Copenhagen Airport and DR Byen, as well as brand new projects like North Zealand Hospital, Nordø and LIFE. Explore the large interactive installations and discover how it feels when architects design with people in mind. Here, new technology explains the logic behind the architecture, and the dynamic installation lets you experience riveting concerts and how nature heals. As a visitor to the exhibition, you will observe architecture with all of your senses and understand its impacts.

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