Realdania By og Byg buys Vilhelm Lauritzen's own house

In 1958, Vilhelm Lauritzen built a completely unique family home in his well-known accomplished functionalism. In the year of the drawing studio's 100th anniversary, Realdania By og Byg has bought the house with a view to preserving and securing it for posterity.


Until his death in 1984, architect Vilhelm Lauritzen lived in the semi-detached house on Bernstorffsvej in Hellerup, which he built for himself and his wife in one part and his daughter and son-in-law in the other. Lauritzen became one of the great Danish architects of the 20th century and his private residence is another example of the pioneering Danish modernism for which he is known.


The house stands as a beautiful example of Lauritzen's completed functionalism with its honest materiality in raw aerated concrete and a design that is closed to the road and traffic and instead open to the garden. The materials are simple and with a sublime level of detail and artisanal finish.


Changing owners have cared for the house since Vilhelm Lauritzen's death in 1984, and the house has therefore remained almost unchanged since its construction more than 60 years ago. It continues now that Realdania Byg & Byg has bought the house to secure and preserve it for the future.


"We are very happy with the purchase of Vilhelm Lauritzen's own house, and we look forward to the house now being part of our collection of Danish architects' own houses. Vilhelm Lauritzen's own house is a beautiful example of how one of the important architects of the time interpreted international modernism into a unique family home. The style has a Nordic touch, where form follows function, and at the same time a multitude of elegant touches are added", says Realdania By & Byg's managing director, Peter Cederfeld, who is delighted that the house's authenticity and architectural preservation values ​​are being secured and preserved for posterity :


"This year it is exactly 100 years since Vilhelm Lauritzen established his drawing studio, which still exists. The drawing studio's diverse buildings are a unique reflection of the importance of Nordic modernism for the design of modern society, including Vilhelm Lauritzen's own house", says Peter Cederfeld.


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