Novonesis Headquarters

  • Client

    Novozymes A/S

  • Collaborators

    GHB Landskab, Rambøll

  • Location

    Biologiens Vej 2, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

  • Area

    38,000 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2019

A global hub for biotech where science and nature interweave

Novonesis headquarters is a research centre formed by the ambition of establishing a global hub for biotech. Located near the Technical University of Denmark, it is designed as a visionary life science complex with uniquely tailored facilities for world-class research and innovation.

Novonesis headquarters is the new epicentre for the research and business development of Novonesis, formerly known as Novozymes, the world leading company in biological solutions. From outside and in, the architecture is formed to accommodate the company’s deeply rooted connection to nature and the science behind it. The campus starts with the landscape, located on a natural plot where the existing qualities have been preserved. The building stands just four stories tall in a light, sandstone-coloured brick, which ensures a homogeneous and tranquil expression that unites the large complex as a subtle entity in the natural surroundings.

The work place of 800 employees, the campus consists of both laboratory facilities and office spaces. It is designed as four juxtaposed squares that divide these functions with two laboratory structures and two administrative structures. Each with its own atrium space, the four structures are an entity in itself yet they join at the corners creating an inner street, ‘Exploration Lane’. This consolidates the infrastructure of the complex and distributes the flow of movement out into the individual buildings, supporting interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation while also being a space for more informal gatherings. 

Research facilities designed through user involvement

As a hub for life science research, the campus boasts an impressive 97 laboratories that, through an extensive user involvement process, have been tailored to the exact needs of Novonesis. Support laboratories were designed for Novonesis broad spectrum of specialised research equipment while more generic and flexible laboratories can accommodate the unpredictable and ever evolving nature of science research. The autoclave is a central common function for all laboratories and is therefore located centrally in the basement with easy access from both laboratory buildings.

The building’s extensive need for laboratory ventilation entails a sizeable technical floor. To conceal the installations, the façade design of the main floors continue up, integrating the technical floor in the building’s volume and retains the image of additive, fused monoliths when seen from afar.

An outdoor space for the users and the public alike

With its natural surroundings, the users of the campus can enjoy various outdoor spaces, formed by the staggered structure of the complex. A generous terrace, a courtyard, and a garden invite the users to spend time under the open sky both before, during and after working hours.

For the project, a winding nature trail has been established that connects the campus to the open undulating landscape, encouraging walk-and-talk meetings for the building’s users while also being a space for the local community to enjoy. 

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