Landscape for the AAU Innovation & Science Hub

  • Client


  • Collaborators

    Cobe, Oluf Jørgensen Rådgivende Ingeniører

  • Location

    Thomas Manns Vej 25, DK-9220 Aalborg

  • Area

    8,500 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2022

  • Award

    City of Aalborg's Architecture Award (2022)

  • Competition

    1st Prize

AAU Innovation & Science Hub – Landscape

Aalborg University Science & Innovation Hub is to be a hub and showcase for interdisciplinary research, innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and business development at Aalborg University.

The vision is to create a building that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship across disciplines. By creating the framework for meetings between different disciplines at Aalborg University, there is a basis for more new business ideas, creative processes and products to be born.

The AAU Science & Innovation Hub will be an inviting and dynamic building and landscape. The building is designed as an elongated, sober, terraced building that fits into a soft campus landscape, creates new connections and urban densification. The building opens up on all sides and invites inside and encourages the users to stay in the surrounding landscape.

All entrances are marked by a precise "field", which welcomes the building from all four corners of the world. The precise fields create precise transitions to the landscape's hilly terrain, a close connection between outside and inside, and extend the building's program into the landscape and the nearby urban spaces around the building.

Aalborg University Campus is built according to a precise and logical building structure

The landscape project creates a contrast to this architecture by drawing Aalborg's surrounding natural hilly landscape through the campus. A landscape with grassy slopes and lakes that creates a natural outdoor space on campus that becomes present for students and visitors.

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