Gold Pendant VL56

  • Design

    Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • Manufacturer

    Louis Poulsen

  • Launched


  • Re-launched


  • Materials

    Polished brass in shade, tube, and lid

  • Variations

    Polished brass or high lustre chrome plated

The Iconic Gold Pendant Anchored in Musical Atmosphere

Vilhelm Lauritzen designed the VL56 Gold Pendant in the 1950s for The People’s House in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The building, originally conceived and constructed for the Labor Movement opened its doors in 1956. Today, it stands as a venue hosting countless concerts and musical experiences of all kinds, better known as the concert venue Vega. The lamp was specifically crafted for the house's restaurant and to this day it hangs in the concert hall on Enghavevej, casting its beautiful and diffuse light patterns on the delighted guests each evening as they gather for a drink at the concert hall's bar.

Timeless Design Rooted in Danish Design Tradition

The VL56 Gold Pendant is intricately designed for the house along with a plethora of design elements that Vilhelm Lauritzen created for the building. In the development of The People’s House, Vilhelm Lauritzen collaborated with Louis Poulsen to design a broad collection of lamps, which Louis Poulsen continues to produce to this day in several variations. This includes designs from both The People’s House - Vega and DR's old Radio House, which have since transitioned into new and modern versions.

From The People’s House to Modern Homes

The VL56 has not only served as an illuminating fixture in The People’s House, but has also found its place in Danish homes. The VL56 Gold Pendant features an original design with a frame in matte brass and aluminium characterized by clean lines that have allowed it to endure over time in various iterations. In the 1960s and 70s, Louis Poulsen produced the lamps in matte brass and later professionally painted them in matte orange to fit the aesthetic of the 70s. Most recently, in 2016/2017 the pendant was relaunched in a stunning high-gloss chrome finish or polished brass with surfaces that age gracefully over time.

The unique construction creates a lighting effect that is both functional and aesthetic with its downward and glare-free illumination. The radial perforated pattern surrounding the opening provides a softer transition between light and darkness. The perforations generate a gentle and beautiful light pattern on both the shade and the surrounding surfaces.

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© Louis Poulsen
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© Louis Poulsen
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