Hirtshals Masterplan

  • Client

    Hjørring Municipality

  • Location

    Hirtshals, DK-9850

  • Area

    200,000+ m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2021

  • Competition

    1st Prize

Vision for Hirtshals - Wayfinding in Hirtshals with site-specific identity

The vision is to tie the city's many experiences together, both physically and mentally, and create a unified destination for both everyday life and parties.

Bykanten is Hirtshal's new, unifying urban space connection and is based on the three selected street stretches, Havnegade, Hjøringgade and Jernbanegade. The edge of the city consists of a series of street spaces and urban spaces that together record the edges of the city and emphasize the experiences you move through.

Colors with roots in history

We are developing a color palette for Hirtshals, which stems partly from the town's history and identity, partly from the colors of the surrounding nature. The blue color refers to the harbour's fishing boats, the sea and the tones of the sky. And with the signature blue colour, we draw the sea into the city and create partly a link to the harbor and partly a visually coherent expression in Bykanten.

Long live the unique fonts

Fonts that have a unique and recognizable expression can carry an entire identity. Therefore, we will also put a lot of effort into finding the right font for the wayfinding in Hirtshals. It must be a font that supports that the meeting with Hirtshals is at once friendly and angular.


The streets

Hjørringgade – one way: The roadway narrows and frees up space for living, grazing, outdoor dining and much more. The edges shield the road and create a warm outdoor space between the road and the building. In some places, the street is tied together crosswise with concrete elements that mimic the wooden formats. They become attention fields and will slow down motorists.

Hjørringgade – bidirectional: With dual-directional driving, the road area is increased, which is at the expense of the area for outdoor seating, planting and the size of the wooden decks. The principles for the layout of the entire street profile are otherwise the same as for the unidirectional model.

Havnegade and Havnepromenade: The harbor promenade will become Hirtshals' elongated icon and an important link between the city and the harbour. The wood that lines the promenade and the shelter softens the harsh expression of Havnegade. In selected places, the wooden covering stretches across the entire street as a tactile marker of attention and gives the experience that you, as a motorist, are also driving on the promenade.

Jernbanegade "The activity strip"'

The space of the street is framed by a wavy landscape of movement with wild herbs and plants from the local area. In contrast to the soft landscape, concrete plinths, benches and equipment for skaters and scooters are placed.

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