Radiohus Sofa

  • Design

    Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • Collaboration


  • Re-launched


  • Materials

    Beech, oak, walnut or teak

  • Versions

    2 person / 3 person

  • In stores


Radiohus Sofa

Reintroducing an exclusive and rare design from Vilhelm Lauritzen.

Designed in 1936 for the foyer of The Royal Danish Academy of Music (Radiohus), Lauritzen’s gesamtkunstwerk, the Radiohus Sofa is a proud symbol of Danish functionalism and modernism much like the building itself. The elegant design eschewed the conservative, straight lines of the time in favour of a more futuristic expression, with curved lines and a welcoming, open construction. One of Lauritzen’s most important furniture designs, MENU now reissues the sofa to a modern audience.

Beautiful from all angles, its elegant wooden frame is long and slender, supporting a beautifully upholstered seat and back that are shaped to cradle the body as it sits. Neat rows of buttons extend across the upholstered back, highlighting the exactness of the design.

A piece of furniture that requires space, its imaginative form has a sculptural quality. The Radiohus Sofa is available in the two original models, P2 (L: 215 cm) and P3 (L: 258 cm) with two and three sets of legs respectively. It is offered in a wide range of upholstery fabrics and the choice between a frame in beech, oak, walnut and teak.

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