Skæring Bæk – Masterplan for a 100 year city

  • Client

    AAB Aarhus

  • Collaborators

    Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde, Everyday Studio

  • Location

    Hjortshøjvej, DK-8250 Egå

  • Area

    32,523 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2020

  • Competition

    1st Prize

Skæring Bæk – Masterplan for a 100 year city

100 Years Byen Skæring Bæk must be planned from the roots of the best experiences throughout the last century's general housing history and drawn with a line that reflects a new vision for the good life. A vision where nature is the center of everyday life, and where new possibilities for homeliness and neighborliness unfold in informal spaces and edge zones, where the residents themselves can shape the surroundings.

In 100 Års Byen, we make nature the focal point for everyday life, both physically and mentally. We do this by constructing the residential area around a biotope, which will eventually grow into a forest, in the middle of the overall plan.

The communities in the 100 Års Byen must especially arise and live around nature, not only in the biotope but also in the edge zones in the border spaces between public and private; areas where you, as a tenant, have the opportunity to make your own mark and where you can meet, for example in the courtyards of the clusters and on the public "sivegade" that runs between the buildings and the biotope.

The edge zones have helped to define the architecture of the 100 Year City, which means that we have drawn these before we have drawn the buildings themselves. We have done this because it is known knowledge in urban research that the semi-private outdoor areas in a residential neighborhood are where the informal meetings take place, the seeds of communities are sown and the important feeling of "belonging" in a neighborhood is founded.

The housing developments themselves are designed in different sizes for different needs in clusters of five homes with a courtyard in the middle. The materials are burnt and heat-treated wood and they all have "active" roof surfaces with planting for the benefit of biodiversity and retention of rainwater.

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