Skagen Destination Development

  • Client

    Frederikshavn Municipality

  • Collaborators

    BARK Rådgivning

  • Location

    Skagen, DK-9990

  • Area

    7,830,000 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2020

Skagen Destination Development

Skagen has always attracted and fascinated people. Over the course of a century, the area and the city have developed in close interaction with the landscape, the vagaries of nature, the special light, the people of Skag and the rich cultural life. It has given it a special identity, which many travel to Skagen to experience. Skagen is one of Denmark's strongest tourist brands, and always in constant development to meet the expectations and demands that tourists have for Skagen.

In order to future-proof and strengthen Skagen's brand as a destination and growth engine for tourism all year round, the development plan sets a direction towards strengthening the development of year-round experience opportunities in Skagen, as well as visualizing the opportunities for the development of the infrastructure and the place-bound potentials for the entire Skagen's Headland.

Through research, analysis and the involvement of key players, new business concepts are developed, as well as an overall approach to the landscape that is concretized in detailed plans.

Small, medium, large

The project is divided into three scales, which respectively work with connections and networks from Råbjergmile to Grenen, the connection between Skagen city and Grenen and the actual arrival at Grenen.

Access to nature

In order to strengthen the sustainable use of nature by Skagen's citizens and guests, there is a need to work on several parallel focus areas.

Firstly, it is important to "open up" nature - nature must be made accessible so that as many people as possible have access to experience it.

New connections must be designed in a way that reflects the diverse landscape. The routes must be established so that they show the variety of the landscape; the open moorlands, the enveloping plantations, the long beaches. The paths will lead the visitor up the dune tops, down into their depressions, between the trees, past the clearing and out onto the windswept heath. This path guidance must be supported with wayfinding elements so that the orientation is logical and the area communicated – the visitor must be guided to stories in the landscape.

Cultural platforms

Kulturperroner are the major transfer points in Skagen Odde's new network - here the guest can arrive by car. It is at the Kulturperronne that the majority of visitors will arrive, park their car, get off the train or bus, before they are led onward towards new discoveries with wayfinding.

The "platforms" must be understood as places that ensure an easy transfer at existing infrastructural junctions or at existing cultural attractions; near the train stations in Skagen and Hulsig, near the cruise quay at Skagen Harbor and by major existing attractions such as Den Tilsandede Kirke, Råbjerg Mile, Det Grå Fyr and others. Typically, the Kulturperronne is a parking space or an urban space supplemented by support functions.

Nature portals

Nature portals are smaller transfer points in Skagen Odde's new network. The tourist cannot arrive here by car, bus or train, but rather by bicycle or on foot. The nature portals are usually more secluded and directly in close proximity to nature and function, among other things. as places for the short rest break on the long hike. Here it is possible to park your bike and continue on foot on the paths. Where Kulturperroner connects the large road networks and tracks, nature portals connect the smaller walking, riding and cycling routes.


Attractive arrival

In the future, the area around the parking lot and Grenen and Det Grå Fyr will become a shared destination for the magnificent nature experiences. This is where you leave the car to move on on foot between cultural attractions and landscape experiences. The arrival must be attractive and bring together the many routes, bunkers, attractions and experiences that exist in the area. Arrival and experiences must be curated and prioritised, and a clear hierarchy and clear logistics must be created, so that the landscape experience is preserved as natural as possible, and so that better synergy can arise between the many functions and experiences.

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