The Castle Garden in De Gamles By

  • Client

    Københavns Municipality

  • Location

    Agnes Henningsens Vej 7, DK-2200 København

  • Area

    3,500 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2022

The Castle Garden in De Gamles By

Agnes Henningsens Vej and a three-legged building form the framework for the cozy and green Castle Garden in De Gamles By in Nørrebro. If you stay here, you can both experience classic references to the early castle gardens in the form of fountains, pavilions and the axial feature that cuts through the park. At the same time, the park also offers a more modern twist with new fixtures in the form of lighting, bins, tables, benches and potted plants.


The pavement is a further processing and continuation of the existing one with materials such as clinker, asphalt and paving stones. The garden's existing axis has been changed, and in some places we have removed other existing elements with the design. That is why we have added new tiles to the areas where either expansion has taken place or where demolition has taken place.


The intention is that all elements on the grass areas should be either white or in white-pigmented wood. The existing training equipment has therefore been painted with white pigmented paint. In addition, white-pigmented tree stumps are added as a supplement to the already existing one. The tree stumps are at different heights, which make it possible to practice your balance by stepping from stump to stump.

Part of the existing furniture is preserved, such as table-bench sets, which the older people have already painted red, and Copenhagen benches in both the colors of the rainbow and its original green. Additional new movable seats in a red color are being added, which the elderly can choose to place around the garden.

The potted plants have been added in circular shapes and the material is wood. They are sporadically placed in the area around the orangery and are movable, which gives the elderly the opportunity to place them in the garden themselves. The potted plants are also made at a height, so it is comfortable for the elderly to weed and plant around them.

The pots are of varying sizes, with some planted with herbs and perennials, and others with a fig, citrus or olive tree with a ground cover of smaller herbs.

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