The Secret Garden in Nørrebro

  • Client

    Københavns Municipality

  • Location

    Edith Rodes Vej 1, DK-2200 København N

  • Area

    400 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2022

The Secret Garden in Nørrebro

At the end of Edith Rodes Vej in De Gamles By in Nørrebro is the secret garden. The urban space is intended as a playful landscape for children to explore, with accommodation options along the edge.

Broken brick

As a covering in the secret garden, we have used three different surfaces – asphalt with surface treatment, crushed brick and recycled bricks from an existing wall. Along the cycle route there is asphalt, so that you can easily and clearly get through Den secrete have as a cyclist. The width of the cycle path complies with a minimum of 3 meters, and its meandering course will also slow down traffic. This will make it safer for children to play in the area.

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