The Timber House

  • Client

    By & Havn (City & Habour Copenhagen)

  • Collaborators

    STED - By og Landskab

  • Location

    Orientkaj 2A, DK-2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen

  • Status

    Completed in 2022

  • Competition

    1st Prize - open competition

A characteristic parking garage in Nordhavn

The Timber House is a new parking garage in Copenhagen with a facade of wood and recycled aluminum.
The proposal to coat the facade with a pixelated relief won the open project competition published by By & Havn in the fall of 2019.

The facade is a gesture to the area’s history as a place where wood was stored and handled and at the same time a desire to add a sustainable and playful element to Nordhavn as a district.

In addition to providing the area with parking spaces, there is a vibrant, open and green area along the edge of the building with the possibility of shops, places to stay and meeting places as well as a Kiss’ n Ride function.

The parking garage is located at the new metro station in Nordhavn and can accommodate 390 cars.

 “The proposal emerges with a balanced whole, created by consistent and clear choices that give it a particularly strong and compelling character. The proposal must be highlighted in order to create a whole that is credible and long-lasting and that contributes with a unique character that provides co-op and counter-play to both Sundmolen and Trælastholmen. “

– Excerpt from the judge’s report, City & Harbor

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