Toppen Trekroner

  • Client

    Boligselskabet Sjælland

  • Collaborators

    Adserballe & Knudsen, Holmsgaard, Thing Brandt Landskab

  • Location

    Toppen 134, DK-4000 Roskilde

  • Area

    5,813 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2021

Wooden housing that unites sustainability, innovation and effectiveness

Located near Roskilde, Toppen is one of the first housing projects to be built from the new concept CLT Flex. Constructed in wood, the project marks a new direction for decent and reasonably priced housing with a functional, flexible and contemporary design that also limits negative environmental impact.

Construction has major negatives consequences for the environment. Together with Adserballe & Knudsen, Holmsgaard and Thing Brandt Landskab, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects has developed a new building concept named CLT Flex that can help accommodate some of these challenges without making construction more expensive.

Simply put, CLT Flex unites sustainable, innovative and effective building to create decent housing at a reasonable price. The concept is based on solid wood elements in cross-laminated timber. All building models are prepared as 3D models and sent to a production company, which then produces and supplies the finished housing elements.

CLT Flex allows for good planning solutions, as the elements can be made in almost any dimensions. In this way, housing can be grouped and staggered, creating an environment that is often lacking in new developments.

Designed for a diverse community

Toppen is built as six three-storey longhouses that together form a ring of 67 homes at the "top" of Trekroner, Roskilde.

With the flexible CLT system, Toppen accommodates and appeals to a broad set of residents with homes ranging in size from 30 to 115 m2. In this sense, the residential development is a small and diverse community where both families, couples, singles and young and elderly can thrive. 


At the centre is a large unifying garden area that unites residents as well as neighbours in green surroundings for socialising and play. This central part of Toppen also serves as the access point to all the homes.

Wooden expression outside and in

The facades are clad in thermo-treated pine, which patinates over time to a silver-grey appearance while windows are constructed in raw aluminium.


The raw wooden expression of Toppen’s exterior continues through to the interior of the apartments. Here, the use of timber walls, floors, sills and beadings provides natural insulation and a good indoor climate while creating a warm feel. Studies show, that incorporating wood indoors can create similar health benefits to those created when being in nature.

Toppen is the second of five CLT Flex projects that are being built under a framework agreement with Boligselskabet Sjælland.


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