Kronløb Island

  • Client

    Kronløbsøen Projekt P/S (CPH City & Port Development, PensionDanmark and Nordkranen)

  • Collaborators

    Cobe, STED by- og landskabsarkitekter, NCC

  • Location

    Dunkerquegade 33, DK-2150 Nordhavn

  • Area

    32.400 m²

  • Status

    Completed in 2023

  • Competition

    1st Prize

Kronløb Island

Kronløb Island is a brand new island – a link across Kronløbsbassinet in the new Copenhagen district of Nordhavn. Featuring bridge connections to both the Århusgade district and Sundmolen, Kronholm will be an important stepping-stone in the district, which will be compressed and linked to a number of new public, intimate urban spaces, waterfront spaces, and gathering points.

The island is being built on a base with a 3-storey underground car park beneath the water level. Having parked your car, you climb into the light, out onto the traffic-free island, in direct contact with the water. From the surrounding outdoor, waterfront spaces and from the balconies of the flats there will be an unimpeded view of the Sound and the surrounding canals. The flats will vary in size, thereby paving the way for residential diversity.


The new island will be built as a monolith with consistent materiality, investing the island with its own identity and creating affinities with the building stock in the adjacent neighbourhoods.

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