Ved Amagerbanen Urban Planning

  • Client

    De Forenede Boligselskaber

  • Location

    Ved Amagerbanen, DK-2300 København S

  • Area

    70,000 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2017

Urban planning for Ved Amagerbanen

In connection with the development of a new residential and commercial area in the northern part of Amager, Sted, in close cooperation with the design studio Vandkunsten, has acted as the mayor's advisor for De Forende Boligselskaber.

The development plan for the area By Amagerbanen must function as a local plan for the area and provide guidelines for how development, landscape strategy, urban space hierarchy, uniqueness and green features must be designed in the new residential and business area in Amager Nord.

The development plan and the landscape strategy are based on the site's uniqueness. Amager's complex residential structure, Amagerbanen's green track and Amager Strandvej's green road space convey a special Amager identity.

The neighborhood around Ved Amagerbanen is connected across green park spaces that move through the new development. Historical field divides record sight lines, green lines, LAR and other recreational elements that appear as east-west tracks in the new development.

Pioneer growth and wild herbs and plants create a self-grown expression on the site. This expression is carried over to the new development plan, where private gardens, courtyards, passages and niches take on a wild and self-grown expression – here there are bushes instead of clipped hedges and facades with green plants.

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