Vilhelm Lauritzen - a modern architect

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    Bergiafonden, Aristo

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    Lisbet Balslev Jørgensen, Jørgen Sestoft og Morten Lund

  • Editor

    Jens Bertelsen

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    Published in 1994

Vilhelm Lauritzen ‘A Modern Architect’

The book A Modern Architect unfolds in 335 pages the story of the person and the architect Vilhelm Theodor Lauritzen (1894-1994). The book enhances and thoroughly analyses the rich architectural production of Vilhelm Lauritzen. Through the lenses and gaze of writers Lisbet Balslev Jørgensen, Jørgen Sestoft and Morten Lund, the book presents insightful articles. All of which dwell with a historical eye into Lauritzen’s architectural practice in relation to his time, orchestrate the book’s perspectives. From motivation and materials to construction and the overall architectural vision, the book draws attention to the great modernist icons such as Copenhagen Airport, Nørrebro Theatre, Daell’s Department Store, and The Radio House.

The book is richly illustrated and it clearly shows Vilhelm Lauritzen’s architectural development, absorbed through the reproductions of Lauritzen's watercoloured perspective, original sketches, and pencil drawings. Jens Lindhe’s photography captures Vilhelm Lauritzen's strong sense of detail in both its unity and its parts. Notably, the Concert Hall with its concept of spaciousness and the interior inside.

The book was published in September 1994 in relation to the 100th anniversary of Vilhelm Lauritzen's birth.

Published internationally by publishing house Aristo and translated by Martha Gaber Abrahamsen.


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