VL Studio Lamp

  • Design

    Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • Manufacturer

    Louis Poulsen

  • Launched


  • Re-launched


  • Materials

    Metal: Brushed brass with fine hairlines. Glass: White opal glass, glossy.

  • Design variations

    Table lamp: Ø150, Ø250, Ø320. Wall lamp: Ø150

The Journey of the VL Studio Lamp from Past to Present

The VL Studio Lamp was originally designed for Danish Broadcasting’s (DR) Radio House in the 1940s. The lamp earned its name from its original purpose, which was to indicate when recordings were taking place in one of the studios in The Radio House. The small circular lamp outside the studios would emit either green or red light, depending on whether recordings were in progress in the studio.

The Studio Lamp is specifically designed for the functionalist building, along with a myriad of other design elements created by Vilhelm Lauritzen. In the development of The Radio House, Vilhelm Lauritzen collaborated with Louis Poulsen to design a broad collection of lamps, which Louis Poulsen continues to produce to this day in various versions and collections. It has also transcended into new and modern iterations of the VL Studio Lamp.

A Timeless Aesthetic in Vilhelm Lauritzen's Design Universe

Vilhelm Lauritzen's Studio Lamp shares a close kinship with The Radio House Pendant, both casting diffuse light through the opal glass that pleasantly illuminates the surrounding area. The lamp is crafted from lightly brushed polished brass and features glossy, white, mouth-blown glass that imparts a sleek and minimalist expression.

Based on the original design and its materials, Vilhelm Lauritzen's Studio Lamp was introduced in 2022 as both a table lamp and a wall lamp.

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