The Bella Rows

  • Client

    Solstra Development

  • Collaborators

    HHM, Alectia, Cobe

  • Location

    Bellakvarter, Ørestad, Copenhagen

  • Area

    14,000 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2017

Townhouses in a new urban village

Characterised by a Nordic, timeless expression, the Bella Rows are townhouses in the new urban area Bella Kvarter. Natural, solid materials create a warm and comfortable atmosphere supporting the vision that the small houses form the framework for a social community.

Centrally located in Ørestad near Bella Center and next to Amager Common, this wing structured development form an intimate network of streets. The 122 townhouses are designed for sociable families who wish to live in close proximity of the city with reference to Copenhagen’s historic housing association homes, such as Kartoffelrækkerne and Humleby. An idea that beautifully underpins the vision of a diverse area, as the closeness of the houses enhances a sense of neighbourhood, making the Bella Rows a sociable development.

The Bella Rows have a Nordic, timeless expression, underpinned by natural, solid materials that create a warm, comfortable feel. The design is simple, with small variations in the façade compositions. There is variety in the positions of the windows and balconies to create life and lend a dynamic feel. Meanwhile, the various types of bricks, which match each other, create variation and make it easier to find your way around in the area, because the houses have different identities. The 114m2 of each townhouse is divided into three floors with a strong focus to maximize daylight.

The private front and back gardens and the communal environment provide opportunities for leisure and play. The area is traffic-free and designed with lanes between the houses to create a sense of community. Between the houses, wooden hedges and sheds unify the area and weather beautifully over the course of time.

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