EY Flintholm II

  • Client

    NCC Property Development A/S

  • Collaborators

    NCC, Byggeri Øst, 1:1 Landskab

  • Location

    Dirch Passers Allé 36, DK-2000 Frederiksberg

  • Area

    8,250 m2 office + parking basement

  • Status

    Completed in 2019

  • Sustainability Certification

    DGNB Gold

A flexible and climate proof workplace

A bright, almost crystalline building stands on Jesper Kleins Square in Frederiksberg and completes the development of the new area at Flintholm Station. The building is EY’s new domicile, realized with a focus on sustainability and intelligent design. The building is DGNB Gold certified and optimally organized, so that the 1,000 employees can make do with just 600 permanent seats. The vision has been a climate-proof and flexible building that reflects the changing needs of employees throughout a workday.

The building is placed solitary in an L-shaped layout that defines the space around Jesper Kleins Square. The building has six floors with a facade in warm shades of glass and aluminum with horizontal bands and vertical swords that shield from the sun and offer depth to the facade.

Towards the square, the ground floor is deliberately rotated in proportion to the upper floors, creating a good visual contact between the road, the square and the entrance to EY. It provides a strong architectural dynamic to the area.

Sustainable and climate-proof

The building has obtained a DBNG Gold certification with its focus on social, environmental, economic, technical and procedural quality. Solutions include solar cells, a healthy indoor climate, low energy consumption and green roof surfaces with planted coverings that hide the building’s engineering.

Towards Jesper Kleins Square, a climate-proof, green oasis with planting and seating niches has been laid out. The organically shaped oasis defines the transition between the public space and EY’s canteen with outdoor seating. The outdoor space up against the neighboring building is designed as a large city terrace with a large raised wooden deck punctured by raised beds and tubs for collecting rainwater.


An ultra-flexible and multifunctional building
The building’s layout and interior design reflect that EY is a dynamic consulting company with an office philosophy that focus on the employees’ working methods and what tasks they solve, rather than where they sit. Therefore, the building is flexibly furnished throughout with multifunctional spaces to suit different work situations and changing needs.

The ground floor contains i.a. foyer, meeting center, canteen and production kitchen. The other five floors are designed for 1,000 employees with only 600 permanent workplaces with a spatial flexibility that provides opportunities for spaces to have different uses throughout the day.

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