Novo Nordisk VTC

  • Client

    Nordea Ejendomme A/S

  • Collaborators

    Emcon A/S, Akticon Erhvervsbyggeri A/S, COWI, Erik Pedersen, 1:1 landskab

  • Location

    Vandtårnsvej 108, 2860 DK-Søborg

  • Area

    10,400 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2015

Novo Nordisk VTC

When you step into the foyer of Novo Nordisk VTC, you encounter a light, airy arrival environment in the double-height space. The ceiling consists of an inserted floor, set back from the slightly outward-angled glass façades. The space’s cores are clad in light-coloured wood, positioned on a floor surface of Öland limestone, which forms a textural base for the airy interior. The staircases have steps in light-coloured wood and white-painted jambs.

Everything in the building has a light, floating quality and interacts with a series of dynamic rooms, which together create a building with excellent spatial qualities.

The office headquarters is located between two existing buildings – VTA and VTB – both of which are leased by Novo Nordisk. The headquarters has four storeys + basement with connecting buildings on the ground floor to VTA and VTB on one floor. The headquarters totals 8,000m2 in gross floor space plus the 2,400m2 basement. The building provides access and connection between the two existing buildings, contains a meeting centre on the ground floor, and office facilities for 480 employees on the other floors.

From outside Novo Nordisk VTC is a monolithic building whose façades are clad with dark panels. The window frames also appear dark on the outside – a distinctive contrast to the bright interior. The building is mirrored across the central axis, and with the outward-sloping façades, it creates an overall entity with the two Novo properties that flank it.

The project also included advice on the project design of a 2,800m2 parking floor.

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