Foyer Chair VLA76

  • Design

    Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • Collaboration

    Carl Hansen & Søn

  • Launched


  • Re-launched


  • Material

    FSC-certified oak

  • Upholstery

    Option for Nordic Eco-labelled upholstery in textiles or leather

A chair for contemplation and conversation

Vilhelm Lauritzen exclusively designed the VLA76 Foyer Chair for The Radio House’s studio foyer. This sculptural and iconic chair found its way to the Vilhelm Lauritzen Terminal (from 1939) and continues to grace the old terminal to this day. In this manner, the chair transcends its role as a mere seat; it evolves into a testament to the refinement of the past and the embodiment of present-day style. The furniture once served as a social hub for The Radio House’s guests upon entering the building - a chair that not only invites contemplation, but also enhances conversation. This displays the furniture as a prime example of Danish functionalism, where form seamlessly follows function. It is a testament to Vilhelm Lauritzen's expertise as a furniture designer and architect.

The lavish upholstery in fabric or leather gracefully ages over time imparting the chair with a unique expression through its authentic materials. The chair beckons to be used, experienced, and sat in, all while preserving its simple elegance and contemporary authenticity. The Foyer Chair transcends the realm of mere furniture; it transforms into a stage where architecture unfolds like a captivating live performance. Every material and detail is meticulously chosen fostering a harmonious interplay between the echoes of the past and the aesthetics of the present.

In 2022, the Foyer series experienced a revival, orchestrated by Carl Hansen & Son in collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

Foyer Series

Foyer Series

Vega Series

Vega Series


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