Foyer Sofa VLA77

  • Design

    Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • Collaboration

    Carl Hansen & Søn

  • Launched


  • Re-launched


  • Material

    FSC-certified oak

  • Upholstery

    Option for Nordic Eco-labelled upholstery in textiles or leather

A Space of Elegance and Craftmanship

In 1945, Vilhelm Lauritzen designed the Radio House for Danish Broadcasting. Lauritzen also created a range of exclusive furniture and light fixtures for this historic landmark. Among these was the remarkable Foyer sofa, dedicated to the building's foyer, a social hub within the Radio House, with studios to the right and left. The Foyer sofa was specially crafted by master carpenter J. Iversen in 1940, in a limited edition exclusively for The Radio House, and was considered a luxurious addition to the iconic space.

The piece itself consists of a sturdy oak frame, seamlessly blending the natural beauty of wood with a cushioned surface upholstered in various types of leather. This combination adds a luxurious and refined quality to the sofa. The texture and hues of the leather complement the warm tones of the wood, creating a pleasant contrast between the materials. A notable detail of the sofa is its almost floating backrest. This design finesse imparts visual lightness and elegance while ensuring comfortable support for those seated.

The sofa is a fusion of form and function, showcasing Vilhelm Lauritzen's talent as an architect and furniture designer. The Foyer sofa stands as a symbol of elegance and craftsmanship, mirroring the foyer as an inviting and impressive space for conversation.

As time passes, the Foyer sofa continues to be a timeless symbol of Vilhelm Lauritzen's design legacy and the significance of Radiohuset. It represents the foyer as a place where people can gather and exchange ideas.

In 2022, the series was relaunched by Carl Hansen & Søn in collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter.

Foyer Series

Foyer Series

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Vega Series


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