• Client

    Nordhavn Sandkaj 1,07 ApS

  • Collaborators

    KPC, Alectia A/S, 1:1 landskab ApS, Henrik Jørgensen Landskab A/S

  • Location

    Sandkaj 15, DK-2150 Nordhavn

  • Area

    8,300 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2017


Nordhavn is one of the new areas of urban development in Copenhagen that has the most to offer. The contrast between water and land – the basins, the wharf areas, and the renovated harbour buildings – forms a variety of urban and recreational environments, providing a humane setting for this revitalised district. In the Århusgade district, there is a compact, urban atmosphere around the preserved red town, which rubs off on the rest of the area between the Kronløb Basin and the Nordhavn Basin. 


On the south-facing promenade along Sandkaj, there is a row of apartment blocks, many of them with cafés and shops at ground level, creating small, outward-oriented meeting places between the buildings and the harbour basin.


One of the buildings is the six-storey Havnekanten. Like the other buildings, Havnekanten forms a varied backdrop, creating a long, south-facing promenade space along the waterfront. The buildings stick to the overall height and façade line, with a few changes in height and in the depths of the materials. 

The expression of Havnekanten’s façade fluctuates, varying in both rhythm and the placement of windows, balconies, protrusions, and recesses, all of which make for a lively looking building. The materials of the building relate to the setting, with brick façades in soft shades ranging from red and brown to grey. The surfaces are solid and will weather naturally over time while withstanding the tough weather conditions of the location.


All homes are lit from both sides with optimal use of daylight and views. It was a major priority for each dwelling to benefit from light and views, and all homes have large, spacious balconies or terraces. The balconies are made of galvanized steel with hardwood floors and handrails.


The types of apartments vary, but the common denominator is a major use of natural light. The apartments facing the harbour basin have an open kitchen-living room with a direct view of the water.


The corner homes facing south get daylight from three sides, with the living room and living area looking out onto the harbour and ensuring the very best views.

The apartments on the ground floor have been raised 80cm above the ground, thereby preventing passers-by from looking in. These homes have spacious private terraces with space for recreation and sitting down to a meal in the open air when the weather permits.


Each of the six penthouse flats has its own 45m2 roof terrace. In addition, a communal 400m2 roof terrace enables residents to spend time outdoors together with the property’s other residents. There is a stunning view of the harbour from the terrace with the roofs and towers of the city as a backdrop.

The green courtyard is semi-private with room for both communal and private recreation. Like the ground-floor terraces, the courtyard has been raised about 80cm to distinguish it from the public promenade.


The inspiration for the courtyard came from the intimate, green spaces, which Arne Jacobsen created in his own garden. As in Arne Jacobsen’s home, the design has addressed all the little details, creating an abundance of qualitative green pockets in a restricted space.

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