Mosede School

  • Architect

    Kjaer & Richter - a part of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

  • Client

    Greve Municipality

  • Collaborators

    Strunge Jensen og Søren Nielsen rådgivende ingeniører

  • Location

    Lilleholm 58, DK-2670 Greve

  • Area

    2,000 m2

  • Status

    Completed in 2018

  • Competition

    1st prize

New spaces for an active school

This project is designed by Kjaer & Richter - a part of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. 

The vision for Mosedeskolen was to transform common areas and corridors in the existing traditional school into a versatile and transparent learning and movement environment that supports innovative pedagogy, movement, and sports behavior for the benefit of school children, associations, and local communities. The overall idea of the project has been to create spaces and atmospheres that motivate activity and movement while also creating a variety of "pockets" for relaxation and socializing on the periphery of the active zones. The new architectural interventions establish themselves as physical landmarks in the school's landscape and create a spatial hierarchy in an otherwise very uniform and homogeneous school building. To activate as many areas as possible in the school's central axis, the spatial connection and visual contact between floors, corridors, and movement spaces are strengthened, so the area appears as a unified movement landscape.

The level difference between the floors is used to create motor challenges for children and adults in the form of ramps and seating steps, while relaxation and motor elements made of recycled ribs create spatial variation in corridors and opportunities for relaxation on the "edge" of physical activity. The floor separation in an existing gymnasium is used to establish a large climbing net, while the current assembly hall is updated with a new motor staircase and large window bays for relaxation. Selected places establish special elements targeted at specific age groups to retain and motivate, for example, older students to take ownership of the new spaces.

The project is part of the School+ campaign, aimed at showcasing how the country's schools can be designed to encourage both children and adults to be active both during and after school hours. The Danish Sports Confederation, Realdania, and the Local and Landscape Foundation are behind the campaign. 

The School+ campaign was targeted at the country's municipalities, their primary schools, as well as local associations and organizations. The goal was to strengthen health and learning through optimization and rethinking of the schools' existing physical spaces and inherent opportunities.

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